Friday, April 25, 2008

The Otherside Orchestra

Picture taken from their MySpace.

First, Lets see what the people said about The Otherside Orchestra ( and the media )

  • The Otherside Orchestra One of the hot bands in the Malaysian independent music scene at the moment, they write super-danceable rift-driven rock music. I was hooked on this track for awhile so it wasn't hard choosing a track from their newly released album. The drums are distinctive and are my favorite part of their music. They're also probably the only band in this part of town that have disco and strobe lights as a permanent fixture in their live sets. - Junk Mag
  • The Otherside Orchestra has emerged as one of the best party bands from the independent scene. - The Star
It is really impressive to see them grow to be this big ! Congrats otherside orchestra.

I love the song Possesive the best. Maybe because dhiya sounded much more sexier ? And do you know that dhiya is oh so hot ! :)

Anyway, the otherside orchestra consists of angah , wan, shah, azan, dhiya, rashid and hashir.

For more info, click on to their MySpace and Im sure you guys will be amazed with their talents!


Check out their MySpace.

Radiostar consists of Pot Amir-Vocals, Mahfuz-Musical director & guitar, Jimmy-keyboards dan Bakri-drums, Cikgu Asma-SubDrums, Abrar/Masrur/Eday - supersubs, Broadband-intern.

I did blog about Ana Raffali earlier. Well Ana belongs to Radiostar. I mean Ana is Radiostar's intern :) So you can see the chemistry and connection right ?

Radiostar is famous for their " Pada Senyummu" . That song was featured in our local movie called Buli Balik.

I first listen to them while I was driving. Thanks to the boyfriend who introduced me to Radiostar. It was greatt. Driving is much more fun with radiostar! And then I went to Voices@ MMU and saw them perfoming live! It was over the top ! congrats congrats! keep it up. If you're all about vocals and slow tunes and relaxing music, radiostar is it!

Radiostar is BEST to be enjoy when you're stuck in the killer KL traffic jams! it's like a tension killer. Thank you radiostar!

Lailas Lounge

Picture of LailasLounge taken from their Myspace. Picture credit goes to Lika Creative Studio
(the picture looks more like a magazine advert for me cause everyone look so handsome and menawan )

Ok since I cant get their profile anywhere, Im just gonna create one for them! ( abang abang lailas, kalau nak edit nnt bgtau ok )

I knew them through Myspace sometime around the year of 2007. I heard them and watched them live during the Until Tonight gig at KL Jam Asia. It was very very very good! It was so long ago okay. I wish they could come down to KL more often !

Lailas Lounge consists of ; Hadi





And I love all their song. So I cant pick and choose which one is the best. You're an idiot if you dont listen to LailasLounge. :)

Lailas Lounge is BEST to listen to when you lie down on a greeny grass with the view of sunset. And if you're thinking of getting all romantic with your loved ones, Lailas Lounge is the perfect band for it !

Ps : Sorry toya lambat update, busy sikit :)


Picture of Stonebay taken from their MySpace.
( I love this pictureeeeee! it looks so cool kan kan ? )

To tell you the truth, I have never heard of Stonebay ! I discovered them also through MySpace. And when I went to their Myspace, Sangsi was playing. It was a good song macam very catchy and the music is very yummy. I love both Sangsi and Name. You guys should really listen to their songs :)

and..a little bit about them :-
The name "Stonebay" came when Ojie was reading an article from Guitar World on "Surf Music" in 1995 and the word "BAY" caught his eye, while the word Stone, was taken from Pearl Jam’s guitarist, Stone Gossard, who is one of his influence at that time.At first Ojie wanted to name their band "Gossardbay" but just saying it reminded him of a mexican called "gossarobay". He scraped the first idea and decided to stick with Stonebay which sounded just nice to him. To Date, Stonebay has played nearly a hundred gigs and are now planning to record their full length album thru an independent label.The album is expected to be released in 2008. After a few lineup changes the band now consist of Ashroff (guitars), Valen (Drums), Izuan (Acoustic) and Ronnie (Bass). *Info on each band members coming soon!! Stonebay uses and abuses JUNCTION Amps.

Tips on how to enjoy Stonebay by PinkWhiteDots :-
  • Listen it while you have nothing to do, because after that you cant forget about stonebay :)
  • Makesure your room is soundproof
  • and best enjoy with pink cotton candy !

Thank you Stonebay :)