Sunday, April 20, 2008


Picture of KOMPLOT . Took it from their MySpace. ( Thanks Komplot ! )

I even took this from their wonderful profile :)

Komplot is a coming together of creative young musicians from Malaysia, who aspire to bring the energy and authenticity back into rock music, as well as to breathe new life into the Malaysian rock arena. Currently consisting of five members, KOMPLOT are constantly experimenting with new ways of creating their ever-evolving dance-floor-friendly rock sound. Since their conception in 2006, KOMPLOT have captivated a growing number of listeners with their eclectic blend of styles of rock & roll, psychedelic funk, 70s groove, disco punk, metal and some jazz elements.

It all began from a casual dialogue between the group’s instigators, Amrud (guitarist) and Zac (singer), during one humble evening at a cafĂ© somewhere in downtown KL. This rendezvous took place in late 2004, a time when both of them could no longer contain their boredom towards the happenings in the local music scene. Alternating between sips of herbal tea and cigarette puffs, they caught themselves reminiscing about past experiences playing in different bands, and expressing their self-imposed frustrations toward the lopsided nature of the music industry. Zac and Amrud have known each other for some time, and what bonds them well was the fact that they share similar ideals and sentiments, as well as musical visions. The duo felt it was just the right time to finally start doing something new together. A new rock group became inevitable.

That evening ended with an agenda. 2005 turned out to be a long headhunting season for them as they went talent-scouting throughout the year to complete the group’s line-up. The first addition was the drummer Rizal, street name Chino, who used to play in Zac’s previous short-lived project band named Seemphoney. At such a young age, Chino possesses natural talent and carefree attitude, and his raw style of playing works well in KOMPLOT. The three of them went on without a bass player for a considerable amount of time. In spite of this, Amrud and Zac had begun writing materials and coming up with song ideas while constantly being on the lookout for a bass player.

It was sometime in mid 2006, when Hadi, a friend of the trio, expressed interest in filling in the position. Hadi, also known as Lizard, works as a sound engineer in a well-established professional recording studio. Not only he brings in a very much welcomed set of audio production skills, he also adds an interesting shade of color to the group, with his punk-oriented bass skills and the-devil-may-care attitude.

With four people in the line-up, the group was considered complete. Weekly rehearsals ensued and proved fruitful as they began to churn out new songs and juggle with different ideas. The music of KOMPLOT is basically shaped by each of the member’s vast array of musical inspirations, ranging from Black Sabbath to 60s Malay cult movie. They recorded their first song in early 2007, and named it ‘Konflik Pulau Panjang’, which later on known as just ‘Konflik’. The recording was raw and unpolished, but it was listenable. The song eventually caught many ears and the group began to draw attention.

It was during this time that Jeff came onboard unexpectedly, though welcomely, with his shiny saxophone. Zac got to know him at a show, and immediately imagined what a brass instrument would do to the music of KOMPLOT. Jeff nodded to Zac’s offer and became the youngest addition to the group. Jeff certainly widens the group’s musical spectrum with his jazz and funk influences. According to Amrud,

"the saxophone exerts certain organic feelings and emotions that simply can’t be achieved through just guitars and drums."

KOMPLOT became a quintet, and since then they had begun to actively rehearse and record whatever materials they’ve got. Having played in private parties,weird-weird shows, small gigs and distributed songs through the Internet, they slowly started to gain followers from different states in Malaysia. A few more shows are lined up for them throughout the second-half of 2007. It is in their current plan to release their material officially, and eventually breakout from the ‘cocoon’ and spread their music around the world.

DISKO TANPA RISIKO banner that is their shelter from this crazy world. What is the meaning of sanity when everything is just insane? Love. Gotta get it. Gotta dance. Gotta smile. Go be happy – this is DISKO TANPA RISIKO for all.It is an idea of having a day without no fuss.No harm , no drama , no chaos , no surprises. Just music, pure n clean. Move your body to this beats. A new tune for the right breeze. They go and flow for all music in Malaysia to an exploding point of just having fun without risks,and most of all they respect their seniors in the scene so much because to KOMPLOT there will never be KOMPLOT if it wasn’t for the seniors.


The reason why I like KOMPLOT is because of their originality. " Disko tanpa Risiko ". A great tagline I must say. Also, the word KOMPLOTAN; is very original and for me I think that's a way to appreciate your fans. Like " Hello, Im a KOMPLOTAN" Kinda cool right ! That's why Komplot has a lot of supporters. Must be because of the word KOMPLOTAN and of course because of their music.

I also would like to say, I have never come across a Malaysian band something like this. Very fresh, new, original and authentic ! But I have come across Malaysian bands that would like to be exactly like KOMPLOT. Note to the rest ; the original will always be the best !

I dont think I should comment about their music, because as far as I am concern I am a tone deaf. I just listen to music but I wouldnt know what is wrong with the music.

Komplot is the next big thing that will happen in Malaysia. Believe me.

And please check out their MySpace too. They have really cool photos !

I am a KOMPLOTAN. are YOU ?

Ana Raffali.

Picture of Ana Raffali taken from her MySpace.

Some of you might have known her from YouTube. She also has a song with Radiostar. So yeah I think most of you know her. If not just click at her MySpace and you can see all the links to her songs.

I personally love her voice. She has one of the best voice ever ! And I love the way she sang Radiohead's Creep. So lovely.

I know I will post the best way to enjoy blablabla. But with Ana, I have no tips ! You just gotta listen her sing and You will be mesmerized! and addicted too. Go on Ana !

Ps: Ana, Sorry If I missed out anything !


Konfrantasi is a new band that was formed not long time ago. They're my juniors from my highschool years :)

I cant say that I dont like their song, but I cant even say that I love their song. It's just a okay for me. Good stuff I might say, but could have been better ! So to Konfrantasi, keep it up and work harder.

There's something I would like to comment bout them. I just wish that they could come up with something that is original. Something fresh. Something new. Because when I first heard bout them, I kept on thinking bout Komplot. it is not a good or bad thing. But originality is very very important. But they're new. So just gotta forgive them.

Their single " Motokar " is very catchy I must say. But could have been better :)

To Konfrantasi, Keep it up, I would love to see you guys perform live sometime soon. You guys will always have my support .

I couldnt summarize their profile. It is sOOO long. :P

So check out their MySpace .

News at 11

Few weeks ago, I went to a charity event that was held in MMU, Cyberjaya. That was the first time I listen or know about News at 11. There's something unique about News at 11. There's something that is the X factor but just could not explain it here. Maybe because their way of performing. " gaya slumber " I Like !

I took this from their MySpace , a little bit of info about them.

Lahir pada 11/9/2006.

Mahasiswa Multimedia Universiti Melaka.

Pernah berkongsi pentas dengan Love Me Butch, OAG, The Times, Bittersweet, Couple, Meet Uncle Hussain, Radiostar, Hujan, Nitrus, Abstrak Hingga ke Bulan, Ahli Fiqr, Bunkface, Oh Chentaku, Nervedeless & Yuna.

Pernah memenangi Juara Kategori Band, Music Fest 06, Naib Juara Kategori Band, Rentak 07 dan Naib Juara & Persembahan Terbaek, BOTB MMU Melaka 07.

Lagu pertama kami ialah Takdir. Lagu kedua kami ialah Kosong dan lagu ketiga kami ialah Perang. Lagu terbaru ialah Ayah.

InsyaAllah kami akan mengeluarkan demo pada tahun ini.

Sila hubungi kami di alamat email berikut:

Tips on "the best way to enjoy News at 11" by PinkWhiteDots

  • Since their song is in Malay, I would say " dengarlah lagu lagu News at 11 sambil cicah biskut kering dgn teh o."
  • Make sure your heart is full with love. I once almost cried.
  • Just sing along to their wonderful music!
PS : Sorry News at 11, I tak dapat post you guys punya picture here. But will do so nanti. :)