Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Otak Fikiran Melayu/Malaysians ?

Few days before I went to Muar, I had one of the best chatting experience with one of my friend. He made me realised something that is happening in Malaysia that MOST of us know but REFUSED to change about it due to their very cool social life. HAH!

Melayu mudah lupa..that was what our very own Tun Dr Mahathir said.

Yang banyak buang bayi, kawin lari, isap dadah, perogol, merompak semuanya MELAYU. and yet we do nothing about it. In school, the parents will always say " cina memang pandai, selalu dapat nombor satu" can we change the word cina? I mean yes melayu is bumiputera and all. but why cant melayu cina india be clever and smart equally. Without pointing the fingers that which race is smarter or stupid-er. In statistics, yes Chinese are smart. but the other races should take note on this and work harder to be on top. This is what we called persaingan sihat. But no, most of us would just sit down and relax and wont compete. Itulah takdir oleh Tuhan katanya. But I do believe that God will want us to compete in life to a better tomorrow :)

When I started going to gigs, my Mom always give me advices like " dont do drugs, dont drink , remember who you are and please dont get involve with black metal and all that shit " The reason is because she doesnt know what is Gig. I bet most of the golden age people is clueless as well. But hey who am I to blame ? We do read in newspapers that a lot of stuff is happening, so parents have to be extra careful with their children. but I always wonder why my mom said that. Is not like I went for gigs and do bad stuff. But the first impression is already clear. You play rock and roll. Rock and Roll always involve with drugs and alcohol. So yeah I dont blame the parents for not letting you kids to gigs. But I am satisfied that until today, My mom still do believe in me and that she thinks that gig is the way to enjoy youngsters music! Way to go mommah !

And not only that you see. We youngsters, the anak muda harapan bangsa dan negara also always forget. Terlalu bangga dan riak dgn apa yang ada. Angkuh! Bongkak! It came across to me that why we youngsters NEVER appreciate our own local acts. Yes it is good that youngsters now support our local indie scene and all, but what happened to the zaman rock melayu ? our very own Search, Black Dog Bone, Ramli Sarip and such. You cant lie that the fact that you do listen to them. But no, we prefer to put on our music interest with the one from the dunia barat. I remember how I used to singalong to Ramli Sarip's song. It was awesome I can hardly find any teenager singing to all these melayu rock. I can hear them singing incubus, paramore, we are scientists, radiohead and such. Kenapa nak kena proud dengan warga asing ? Kenapa tak boleh sokong dgn rock legenda Malaysia ? What is going to happen to our own malaysian art scene?

We youngsters love to go shopping, it is a very bad word indeed cause you can just finish all your cash in one second. haha ! but have you guys noticed how manyyyyyyy youngsters are wearing tees that support the outsiders ? like wearing Marilyn Monroe's tee, New york Dolls, Elvis, Incubus and all these shit. It's not wrong buttt why do you adore them so much ? Why cant we wear our very own P Ramlee's tee, Saloma, Jins Samsudin, Search, Awie and all this legends in Malaysia ? Malu ke ? Takut tak cool dan tak hebat ? Itulah mentalili melayu. tak pernah berubah. Selalu mengagungkan benda luar dan tak reti nak appreciate benda yang ada di depan mata. Bila dah takada baru sibuk bagi anugerah sana sini. buat apa bagi anugerah bila orang tu dah ada. The person left the world without any appreciation. Bila dah mati, baru sibuk nak bagi award sana sini. Kenapa tak bagi bila masih hidup ?

Bukak lah mata kamu anak anak muda. Kenapa nak hidup dgn membanggakan pihak luar. Fikirkan lah. Malaysia tanah air kita, di mana tumpahnya darah kita. Tapi dengan cara anak anak muda kita sekarang, saya yakin Malaysia akan kehilangan anak anak muda yang bijak dan pandai. dan yang paling penting yang berwawasan.

* this post is not to offend anyone, this is just what I would like you people to read and think about it.


koyotito said...

wow !

Anonymous said...

wooohooo! malaysia boleh! hahahhaa

PinkWhiteDots said...

to anonymous.


Anonymous said...

tak pakai tshirt mereka(p ramlee awie and sesiapa lah) sbb tak tau nak cari kat mana kot. or maybe tak dijual. bukan sbb malu. cool apa diorang?

PinkWhiteDots said...

insyaAllah tshirt tshirt gmbar seniwan dan seniwati negara akan dijual kalau dpt byk permintaan..

daripada start statement tees yg dah berlambak kat malaysia ni, baiklah pakai baju yang ada tokoh tokoh negara.