Sunday, May 11, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl .

To the girls that have been watching the series of MDG, I would like to say you guys ROCK ! well, because you guys support the Malaysian Version of America's Next Top Model. well sort of.

but. There's a lot of drama going on between Cindy's Supporters and Hanis's supporters. I dont want to be at anybody's side. But well I voted for Hanis . :)

The thing is, This is a bloody competition. And it is 100% based on VOTES. So why argue ? Yes, Cindy has the most votes and she won so what. Her dad has the money. So just leave it.

Hanis is beautiful gorgeous and she also has a lot of supporters cause I've been blog-hopping and everyone blogs bout hanis. But it is just not her time yet to win I guess. But that's not a problem. One door closes, the other two will open. Plus, she is so young and I believe that she can be the next TopModel in Malaysia.

Competition is not always about winning, it's always about what you get or learned during the competition. We will see who will make it to the top. Cindy or Hanis.

Cindy is so lucky cause her dad is willing to spend that much. gosh. To you, maybe it is unfair but it is based on votes. So we cant say much aye ? Just got to accept it.

and....yes this is just like what happened to Mawi. Mawi's syndrome has spread to MDG. but Mawi got the votes from the fans, CIndy got her votes from the family the most.

Beautiful girls they are.

Congratulations Cindy.

Congratulations to you too Hanis, And try google your name. Most of the blog has your name in it.

Stop with all the drama just shut up and time will tell. Maybe the title Malaysian Dreamgirl is not that big anyway. Who knows maybe Hanis will be much more successful than Cindy ?



shasha alia said...

people need to get the fact that Cindy won MDG and not Hanis. Those unsatisfied ppl out there, why whine and complain now? u should have votd for hanis if u wanted her to win so much right? besides, Hanis fan know how to talk talk talk talk talk only, but no action! too bad all her mat rempit fans got no $$$ to vote for know how to talk and complain only. so stop whinning why Cindy won and not Hanis.

PinkWhiteDots said...

Haha yes, people should really move on and also accept the fact that cindy won. No comments bout hanis's rempit fans. Just cause she's a malay that doesnt mean that her friends are rempits right?

and since cindy is a chinese dont you think that her fans are all apeks ?

if that's what you mean cause i think your comment is a little bit too harsh.

susannah said...

to shasha alia: i'm a chinese and i'm truly a hundred percent on hanis' side lah. your discrimination so tak logic. and everyone noes the REAL reason why cindy won, and nobody thinks she deserves it, that's why complain la. you think we didn't spend money voting for her ah? you think just because cindy "won" that means no one voted for hanis? we also spend a lot of money okay, but obviously spending thousands on a contest is only what a "legendary" father who wants their daughter to be the next paris hilton does.

PinkWhiteDots said...

to susannah ; Yes, I do agree with you. Of course we do spent money to vote for hanis as well. If not, hanis will not make it to top 3, rite ?


Hanis Zalikha said...

oh my god thank you so much. im so grateful to have you, pink whitedots and susannah as supporters. i couldnt ask for more. and im over it already. on the night itself. im up for big and better things.

PinkWhiteDots said...

Yeay ! good luck for your future, make us proudddddd :)

ezzah said...

aku rase cm nk gelak.
sape sbenanye hanis n cindy nih?
apesal aku taktau kewujudan cerite mdg ni?

Eka Nazhwa said...
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PinkWhiteDots said...