Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reza Salleh.

Picture of RezaSalleh taken from his MySpace.

If you're one of the active gig-ers around Malaysia, you should really know who is Reza. If not, you better go and kill yourself. Joking ! and if you've been to Laundry but dont know who is Reza, you must be seriously joking. So yeah enough of this crap. I wanted to post his Bio here, but I cant seem to get it. So I'll just steal it from his music page.

Bombarded with copious amounts of Top 40 gamma rays as a child, I owe much of my young singing career to the Seattle sounds of Nirvana, the rap-rock edge of Rage Against the Machine (how this is reflected in my music you’ll never know and neither will I), the vocal stylings of Black American vocalists, and a whole list of other musical influences I can’t really remember.

The stuff I write is a mish-mash of elements drawn from a combination of whatever’s going on in my head and whatever I’ve been listening to in the past 10 years or so. Dark, heartfelt, confused. Best served with coffee.

I also organise a show once a month. It’s called Moonshine.

Tips on " the best way to enjoy Reza Salleh " by PinkWhiteDots.

  • put on your loudspeaker to the maximum level
  • make sure there's no other noise or sound pollution somewhere near you . lol.
  • if possible, make sure that your emotions is stable.
  • reza salleh is better to be enjoy with a hot meal.
  • a hot oven fresh home made brownies while listening to Reza is the in thing now.
  • make sure that you understand every single word that he sings.
You can also click to these links for more details of Reza Salleh
And please remember to give him all the support at Moonshine :)

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