Friday, April 25, 2008

Lailas Lounge

Picture of LailasLounge taken from their Myspace. Picture credit goes to Lika Creative Studio
(the picture looks more like a magazine advert for me cause everyone look so handsome and menawan )

Ok since I cant get their profile anywhere, Im just gonna create one for them! ( abang abang lailas, kalau nak edit nnt bgtau ok )

I knew them through Myspace sometime around the year of 2007. I heard them and watched them live during the Until Tonight gig at KL Jam Asia. It was very very very good! It was so long ago okay. I wish they could come down to KL more often !

Lailas Lounge consists of ; Hadi





And I love all their song. So I cant pick and choose which one is the best. You're an idiot if you dont listen to LailasLounge. :)

Lailas Lounge is BEST to listen to when you lie down on a greeny grass with the view of sunset. And if you're thinking of getting all romantic with your loved ones, Lailas Lounge is the perfect band for it !

Ps : Sorry toya lambat update, busy sikit :)

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