Sunday, April 20, 2008


Konfrantasi is a new band that was formed not long time ago. They're my juniors from my highschool years :)

I cant say that I dont like their song, but I cant even say that I love their song. It's just a okay for me. Good stuff I might say, but could have been better ! So to Konfrantasi, keep it up and work harder.

There's something I would like to comment bout them. I just wish that they could come up with something that is original. Something fresh. Something new. Because when I first heard bout them, I kept on thinking bout Komplot. it is not a good or bad thing. But originality is very very important. But they're new. So just gotta forgive them.

Their single " Motokar " is very catchy I must say. But could have been better :)

To Konfrantasi, Keep it up, I would love to see you guys perform live sometime soon. You guys will always have my support .

I couldnt summarize their profile. It is sOOO long. :P

So check out their MySpace .

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