Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kenny S.

Kenny Sia. Who is Kenny Sia ? Click here.

Kenny's blog always make me think. He blogs bout nonsense almost all the time. But somehow the nonsense made sense. When you read whatever that he wrote, you will have mix emotions. Angry, Happy, Sad and all that. His blog is sarcastic, annoying, irritating but somehow so sincere. It is one of my favourite blog to read :)

I dont really know him personally, but I wish I do know who he is. Cyber space is not a nice place to meet people anyway. Oh btw, he was voted as one of the 50 most eligible bachelor in Cleo. yeay! congrats Kenny.

When I watched the MDG first few episodes, I was shocked when I found out he was one of the judges and his biggest weakness is girls with mini skirts . I mean who couldnt recognize the chubby chinese man ? It has to be Kenny.

Anyway, keep on blogging Kenny. Your blog is one of the true-est blog ever. I mean with whatever that is happening in Malaysia. Oh and girls in miniskirts are hot. Haha

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