Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ana Raffali.

Picture of Ana Raffali taken from her MySpace.

Some of you might have known her from YouTube. She also has a song with Radiostar. So yeah I think most of you know her. If not just click at her MySpace and you can see all the links to her songs.

I personally love her voice. She has one of the best voice ever ! And I love the way she sang Radiohead's Creep. So lovely.

I know I will post the best way to enjoy blablabla. But with Ana, I have no tips ! You just gotta listen her sing and You will be mesmerized! and addicted too. Go on Ana !

Ps: Ana, Sorry If I missed out anything !


ms. ana said...

Thank you very much for the support. And keep on blogging. I'm linking you if you don't mind. ;)

PinkWhiteDots said...

I dont mind at all !